Bluetooth keyboard problems only on iOS

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Post » Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:58 am

Problem Description
Only on iOS with a bluetooth keyboard, I can't get the text typed by using
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Attach a Capx!AgGzaqNrd-XViFIH15kbfgFSbSk5

Description of Capx
When you type outside of the text box the text typed should appear on screen
Steps to Reproduce Bug
  • connect a bluetooth keyboard to an iOS device (I've tested with ipad mini)
  • type outside the textbox
  • See that nothing happens

Observed Result
What happens?
On computer and android the text is being recorded, on iOS nothing happens

Expected Result
text should appear on screen on iOS like is happening on android and computer

Affected Browsers
  • Chrome: (YES)
  • FireFox: (YES)
  • Internet Explorer: (YES)

Operating System and Service Pack
iOS 8,9 10

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