British Red Coat - 19th Century (Graphics)

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British Red Coat - 19th Century — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

19th Century British Red Coat (Private) armed with a Brown Bess musket

and a deadly british accent.

He's been trained in the most hardcore drawing and animation software

to serve in the most dangerous game engines out there.

Ideal for side scrolling strategy games, platformers, or tower defense games in the style of Plants Vs Zombies.

You'll get 19 high quality animations running at 24 FPS

- walk, walk2, walk3, walk_careful

- idle, idle_crouching

- shoot, shoot_crouching

- reload

- die, die2

- hurt

- bayonet_attack, bayonet_idle, bayonet_fix, bayonet_charge

- stand/crouch (transitions)

- celebrate

Each animation is provided in 3 sizes for convenience :

- Big about 120x300*

- Medium about 60x140*

- Pixel Art (small) about 20x50* : rendered without smoothing to give a pixellated effect

* size varies for each animation

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