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Post » Sat May 04, 2013 9:09 am

[QUOTE=Ashley] @michael - can you post that info to the actual bug report thread? It could be quite useful, and it may be a while before I next get round to looking at it, and I might forget what you posted here otherwise.[/QUOTE]

Done.... :)

[QUOTE=Ashley] - occasional random crashes on exit: random issues are usually the most difficult to resolve, because if I can't make the problem happen every time, I can't start investigating it. I have once or twice luckily managed to catch the error in a debugger, and all I could determine was that the UI library we use crashed. We don't control that code, and we can't really report a random issue to the vendor because they also need to reproduce it every time. There's no immediately obvious route to start resolving this, so for the time being the issue remains open.[/QUOTE]

Ashley, this is what I had in mind when I started this thread, and I probably should have worded the topic title a little better (sorry!) - I don't mean to imply that you guys think bugs ARE ok, but more of what can we do to try to resolve this particular problem - because such are difficult to get to the bottom of.

Aside from the random crashes when exiting C2, there are others that occur when doing certain things - clicking below properties was one I can recall from other threads.

I have also had one several times that turns all the buttons on the ribbon to black squares and the event sheet just becomes a bunch of vertical lines. This one occurs when clicking the Preview Button, it is being caught (you get the error sound), but the error dialog must be behind the C2 window and thus you can't get to it because it always results in a complete program lockup, with the need to kill C2 using Task Manager. However you don't know this (except for the error sound) until you close the preview, the preview itself runs without any issues.

These particular problems all seam to point the finger at the UI - but as you say it is difficult to trace.

So perhaps you could open a thread with the sole purpose of trying to detail as much info as we can about these crashes. Maybe you and Tom have some ideas as to what we as a C2 community can do in order to pinpoint what is causing the issues....

michael2013-05-04 09:23:36
If it can be done, someone on the web will show you how to do it!

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Post » Sat May 04, 2013 7:30 pm

Also remember why we beta. Ashley is adding features and fixing bugs, as we all wish him to do. He is not, however, using it everyday for it's intended purpose. That is hopefully why everyone is choosing to participate in downloading the beta version, to assist in finding the bugs.

We are responsible to learn all the symptoms, consequences, and possible causes of the bug because Ashley isn't in the drivers seat. And I personally don't want him coming out from under the hood (bonnet?) to test drive.

We do post to the threads when we confirm or have additional symptoms to report. There are a half dozen threads on the crash on exit bug, all with around 20 replys.
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