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Post » Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:25 am

now i've found one thing that i can't understand at all.

1. i have a sprite with 20 animations, i put custom movement on it. Then i create event
create object (that sprite), then event that sprite.set angle of motion 90 and speed 20. My object goes to the right - wtf? I change to
180, goes left? 270 goes right again. Something between - always left and right. WTF IS GOING ON?

2. and this is what i wanted to ask about bullet behaviour. since i couldn't do that thing under 1 with custom movement, i've decided to use bullet behaviour. doing the same thing (90°, 20 move speed bla bla) works exactly as expected. but! (always a butt :P ), i've found out that if i set that bullet behaviour on a family of objects that i want to move with 20 move speed it works ofc, but i can't set them starting angle of motion 90, i have to add Set angle of motion for spawning every object from family. can that be fixed? can bullet behaviour get angle property? would be very nice to have it. (pls @Ashley) :) (or someone give me an example of it, because i have like extra 200 events for setting angles -__-)
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