ButterBalls Adventure (Alpha)

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Post » Wed Apr 18, 2012 8:07 am

I'm looking for some feedback. I have reached the Alpha Stage in my programming, and touched up some of the art. This is only 1 complete level, and I Draw everything by hand using a Bamboo touch tablet and CS5.

also since it's all 8bit it's sooo small I can definitely turn this into a mobile game.

(update) Changed Swing Bat to F, instead of Ctrl. For some reason in Chrome Ctrl-W is a shortcut for exit? isn't that what Alt-F4 is for?

Dev View = \ (hold)

Up Arrow = Jump
Left = Left
Right = Right

WASD = same as arrows

Down Arrow = Sit (while in Car)

*Mouse Aims Laser/Turret (Player in Car)

Left Click (HOLD) Silver-bullet machine Gun

Right Click / Space = Shotgun Fire (2 Shot)

Shift / R = Reload (Shotgun) *unlimited Ammo for now

F = swing Baseball Bat

Mouse Scroll Down = Zoom out and shift screen
Mouse Scroll Up = Normal zoom

Game Link Here (PLAY)

Best With Chrome

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