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C2 Clicker Template Game — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

A great starting point if you have been thinking about making a "Clicker" game like "Cookie Clicker" and the like.

Uses advanced techniques like WebStorage to keep track of the player's progress in the game.

**This template uses two FREE plugins by the wonderful RexRainbow which makes making the game much much simpler. Here are the links to download and install the plugins before opening the capx.

Date Plugin (Used to get correct time for Time Away Plugin) : https://github.com/rexrainbow/C2_plugins/tree/master/plugins/rex_date

Time Away Plugin (Tracks the time passed since last time played) : https://github.com/rexrainbow/C2_plugins/tree/master/plugins/rex_time_away


All scripting works great even on mobile devices! Customize it to what you wanted to make and get your clicker game finished in no time!

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