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alajajm wrote:Here is Phonegape tutorial: https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/9492/build-android-apps-with-phonegap
Good Luck ..... :mrgreen:

<3 <3 <3 <3 I'll try it out right after I'll get back from work. THANK YOU!
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If you have used the Intel XDK to build a Construct2 app... here are some instructions that will help you get started using PhoneGap Build.

The key to PhoneGap Build is the config.xml file located in your project's root folder (the folder that also contains your www folder).

Using the latest version of the Intel XDK, add some plugins and then use the "Cordova Build Package" feature (on the Build tab) to export a ZIP that is PhoneGap Build ready. Within that ZIP you'll find a config.xml file that works with PhoneGap Build (as well as Cordova CLI, if you choose that path).

Add or delete a plugin from your Intel XDK project, or change some of your project properties in the Build Settings section of the Project tab. Then use the "Cordova Build Package" tool to export another ZIP file, a second time. Compare the config.xml from the second export to the first. You'll be able to see what the export tool is doing. It's not that difficult to follow.

The full set of directives available for the config.xml file are documented on the PhoneGap Build and Apache Cordova sites. The PhoneGap Build version of a config.xml file is a superset of the Cordova one. But to get started doing this on your own, the simplest thing to do is configure your project using the Intel XDK and then export your project using the "Cordova Build Package" tool. Once you have a project that builds with PhoneGap Build (or Cordova CLI), you can do it all outside the Intel XDK, by simply editing your project config.xml file directly.

Please share these instructions with the rest of the Construct2 community that is having trouble.
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