C2 Horse & Rider Template (With Source)

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C2 Horse & Rider Template — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

C2 Horse & Rider Template is fun based HTML5 racing game for everyone that can be deployed on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad & windows.

Its easy to play but difficult to stop, exciting, fun, and highly addictive. Challenge yourself and see how much can you win!

The more you become expert, more will you enjoy!

Features :

With this starting template you can take this game to any level making it harder or easier for the user.

See winning race video HERE

  • Flexible Horse selection
  • Mile stones indications
  • Cheering crowd that can be activated at any place
  • Nice graphics (Thanks to erkoudesign)
  • Randomization
  • Touch enabled
  • Can create more complex levels
  • Slow Motion on finish line.

Horse sprite graphics are bundled for demo of game code and you have to buy it from erkoudesign (see link below) if you intend to use them in your game.

free sounds are used from :



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