C2 Portable vs Spriter Files - can't they get along?

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Post » Thu Aug 07, 2014 6:00 pm

Anybody messing with Spriter yet? Here's a problem I've run into while trying to import a .scml file from a Spriter project into a C2 project:

I installed the .SCML plugin to my portable C2 folder: exporters\html5\plugins as instructed. The only change I made was installing it to a portable drive instead of the C: drive.
So I open a CAPX & drag a SCML onto the layout (as instructed). but I get the following error:

"A Spriter .scml file was dropped into Constuct2, but the BrashMonkey Spriter plugin appears to be missing. Please ensure it is installed before importing .scml files"

Anybody else get this/know how to fix it? I planned to buy a Spriter license today, but incompatibility is a deal breaker.
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