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While I do agree to some extent on your feeling about plugins and software I am going to have to say that if you want to continue to pursue construct 2 and have the functionality of functions (ha) then you really should try out the function plugin.

Again, this plugin does so much for closing the gap between the coders and the eventers when working with construct 2.

@everyone else

I think it is unfair to simply say "If you want to write code, go write code" when I feel that the message many are trying to get across is that they want to have more depth, functionality, and power of the event system. I think they compare it to writing code because that is the easiest way to explain their point of view. I doubt that many want to see construct completely changed to a game maker language style of game creation but want to add powerful features that allow them to accomplish things the way either they want to or are used to.

Simply dismissing a point of view because it is not what construct currently offers is foolish and in the long run will drive away potential users to other alternatives such as coding alone will do just that, drive them away. One of the great things about construct so far is that it feels like it has identified many of the things that users love when working with other tools and simplifies them and makes development much quicker while maintaining the same or close to the same degree of performance in many cases.

PS: The function plugin should be part of construct 2, just sayin =)

PSS: I set my event sheets up like classes and with their own functions works great.Twinsonian2012-09-15 18:43:48
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Yes, I think C2 is great, and should stick to its unique point and click interface and not introduce any programming/scripting languages. I also know the to do list must be full of great ideas and requirements.

I'm thinking that user defined events could but added like families were: to make the existing graphical point and click interface even more powerful with no extra learning curve. It may even be possible to share event sheets across projects at some point, assuming that objects are reference by names and you keep the same object names in both projects.

I might even check out the function plugin!

Long live C2!nutmix2012-09-16 19:20:35
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