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Hi @Ashley and Team

A couple of days ago I posted a bug report to do with estimated image memory.

I've just wanted to detail here why I have to use multiple large images, even if they only have small changes.

Let's say I have a car and I am making a spot the difference game. I want to pin some details on to the car and animate the car driving onto the screen shaking and wobbling.

I can use the sine behaviour to squash and stretch the car, BUT, the "pinned" parts will not squash and stretch relative to the car.

The only way to workaround this, is a very long process of using image points and updating the positions for all these parts through events.

It would be insanely useful to have a feature where we could put all the parts of an object into a wrapper and animate them with one behaviour - all relative to the parent object.

I mainly make puzzle games, so these sort of Containers (not the current Containers Construct uses) and Tweening are the most useful features. I'm sure there are many other people in the same boat, having to rely on 3rd party options.

In C3, we don't yet have the possibility to use Spriter or LiteTween. Furthermore, if I start my project in C2 and want to later import it into C3 using LiteTween, I'm not guaranteed that it will import correctly, as LiteTween is not an official Scirra feature.

Construct is amazing software, but I ( and many others I'm sure ) would be eternally grateful if we could have a 'container' feature similar to what I've described above, as well as native tweeting engine.

I'm am super exited about C3 and have no problems with the subscription, but I really do feel that these features are necessary in order to make the tool as versatile as possible.

Thank you very much for the consideration :)
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Construct desperately needs a proper way to parent/child objects to other objects. It always boggled me why there is no such thing already. In C3 there is a new container option called wrap, which will let you EDIT sprites somewhat like you describe, everything scales according o the wrap. Why this wrap does not work in code is a mystery. Lol. Pretty useless option when it only works while editing, and not when modifying the container object with events. Rotating, moving or scaling the main container object in events does nothing to the "child" objects. *Sigh* except for create and destroy.

If you rotate, move or scale the parent object every child should follow. Construct desperately needs an easy way to do this.

But I don't think we will see this until skewing, perspective and other kind of deformations are also allowed on sprites. Maybe after runtime hopefully when some arbitrary 3d deformations are planned as well.
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Post » Tue May 02, 2017 8:45 am

I think our existing suggestions cover most of this.
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