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Post » Thu Jun 22, 2017 7:37 am

Here is some compilation of Frequently Asked Questions and tips for Construct 3.

The list is not complete, Construct 3 is still recent and in development.
You can help if you encounter a bug in C3 by posting bug reports on Github - LINK
Beware though, an issue in your code is not necessary a bug in Construct 3. You can make use of this forum to ask if the issue sounds like a program issue or a Construct 3 possible bug.

For a lot of specific use of addons, you can refer to the list for Construct 2 as most answers are going to be the same.

Nevertheless, Construct 3 has its specificities, and here are some listed in here:
  • Execution / General interface
    • How to execute Construct 3 offline ? - LINK
    • How to execute a specific release of Construct 3 ? - LINK
    • WebGL does not execute / My graphic card is blacklisted - LINK
    • Open Construct 3 in App mode - LINK
    • How to print the event sheet with colors ? - LINK
    • How to get a dark/custom theme working with Construct 3 ? - LINK
  • How to do mechanic stuff
    • How to access the array/dictionary/text editor in Construct 3 ? - LINK
    • How do I open multiple preview windows ? - LINK
    • How to use C2 addons in Construct 3 ? - LINK
    • How to set colors in Construct 3 ? rgb() - LINK
    • How to make Viewport work with unbounded scrolling ? - LINK
  • Plans related
    • How to get my discount for Construct 3 ? - LINK
    • How do I prevent auto-renewal of my subscription / Manage my subscription ? - LINK

You may participate to this list.
Simply post a question and a link to the topic that answers the question the most clearly (it may be a topic or a specific post in the topic).
New to Construct ? Where to start

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Please attach a capx to any help request or bug report !
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Post » Sun Jul 30, 2017 6:55 pm

Am I missing something, or is iOS export broken in C3? Every time I try to export to iOS an error message comes up telling me to give my game an ID, which it already has. Is this feature not yet available in C3, or have I done something wrong? Thanks. This may not be the right place to post this, but my question is a sort of "How do I..."
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