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Here is some compilation of Frequently Asked Questions and tips for Construct 3.

The list is not complete, Construct 3 is still recent and in development.
You can help if you encounter a bug in C3 by posting bug reports on Github - LINK
Beware though, an issue in your code is not necessary a bug in Construct 3. You can make use of this forum to ask if the issue sounds like a program issue or a Construct 3 possible bug.

For a lot of specific use of addons, you can refer to the list for Construct 2 as most answers are going to be the same.

Nevertheless, Construct 3 has its specificities, and here are some listed in here:
  • Execution / General interface
    • How to execute Construct 3 offline ? - LINK
    • How to execute a specific release of Construct 3 ? - LINK
    • WebGL does not execute / My graphic card is blacklisted - LINK
    • Open Construct 3 in App mode - LINK
    • How to print the event sheet with colors ? - LINK
    • How to get a dark/custom theme working with Construct 3 ? - LINK
    • How to load from Cloud when it is not working right away ? - LINK
    • How to use Construct 2 addons in Construct 3 ? - LINK
  • How to do mechanic stuff
    • How to access the array/dictionary/text editor in Construct 3 ? - LINK
    • How do I open multiple preview windows ? - LINK
    • How to use C2 addons in Construct 3 ? - LINK
    • How to set colors in Construct 3 ? rgb() - LINK
    • How to make Viewport work with unbounded scrolling ? - LINK
    • How to save data on multiple PCs (one method) ? - LINK
  • Plans related
    • How to get my discount for Construct 3 ? - LINK
    • How do I prevent auto-renewal of my subscription / Manage my subscription ? - LINK

You may participate to this list.
Simply post a question and a link to the topic that answers the question the most clearly (it may be a topic or a specific post in the topic).

This is not the place to post questions you want answers to.
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Please attach a capx to any help request or bug report !
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