Can, and should I create a client type app with C2?

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Post » Sat Sep 10, 2016 9:02 am

A friend of mine wants to create a set of master and client apps that, allows the client app to see how many items are in stock, than if they order it, communicates with the master app and store that order. The master app will have the ability to update the total of stock remaining on all the client app. But it must also be able to communicate with each of the client app individually, to let it know individual stats like total sales and commission for that client. The master app should also be able to create new client app accounts, and delete any old ones.

I am confident of creating all the basic functions of the app, but I have never tried any networking with C2, so I am not sure if the master - client architecture that I mentioned above is doable or feasible in C2.

I have to mention that I will be paid for this so I need to do a proper job for him. I will have a timeframe of roughly 2 - 3 months to do it. What is your honest opinion on this?
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