Can somebody test ShadowLights for me ?

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Post » Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:37 am

I am using Firefox [latest version] and it doesn't work the way it should for ShadowLights but that is ok because I guess Firefox have better things to do like cure world hunger or asking for donations and stuff instead of supporting basic HTML 5 like the rest of the browser does.

For those of you who have a browser that support ShadowLights correctly, can you explain this to me ?

From what I understand from the manual, the "Height" = the Length of the shadow cast [Firefox just give you the finger and make it extend all the way EVEN when radius is set to 0 and you have a very short height like 1] .

I am somewhat confused that each object that have the ShadowCaster behavior implemented also have its own Height property. exactly does the individual instance's ShadowCaster's height work alongside the main ShadowLights's height ?
Does it:

1: Overrides the Main ShadowLight Height and replace it with its own ?

2: Compliment it as a multiplier like say it the ShadowLight's height is 2 and if the individual's instance height is 50, it halves the original height of 2 to 1 ?

Sorry, the manual isn't clear on that, thanks for the help.
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