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Welcome to Cannonball!!

When I discovered how fantasticly amazing the physics are in Construct 2. I was just inspired to create a little test.. but only then did it inspire me so much to make a game out of it. This is the 2nd version of it and it's been highly improved. Your in a battle in this turn-based strategy? to fight against your oponent enemy!! It's not easy.

It's not complete yet, You can have a mess about with it if you wanted because I'm including the source file just for you (and everyone else :P)!

-Added: Enemy AI, Simple and Choppy
-Added: HUD (heads-up display)

-Added: Free Cam (W,A,S,D and Arrow Keys, Space to disable it)
-Added: Sounds and Music to the Game
-Improved: AI doesn't flicker anymore, has nice smooth aiming
-Bug fix: Camera action-chase when firing an explosive ball

Hope you have fun with this!

Enemy War was suggested by Mehtab

- Left Click: Shoot (When it's your turn)
- Right Click: Debug Build Menu
- Key '1': Select Normal Ball
- Key '2': Select Explosive Ball
- Keys 'W,A,S,D' and the Arrow keys: Free-cam movement
- Key 'Space': Re-lock Cam (disable Free Cam)

Play the game directly in your Browser!: Play in your Browser!


Download the Source-code: Mediafire, Mirror: Uppit
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