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Canvas Thumbnail — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

What you buy here?

  • Canvas Thumbnail plugin for C2.
  • An example capx

What is Canvas Thumbnail plugin?

With a single action you can take a screenshot of your game which will be resized to the dimentions you specify.

You can save it to local storage and use as a thumbnail of a saved game or any other feature that has thumbnails.

C2 by default allows snapshots, why would I use this plugin?

That's true. You can make a snapshot with native C2 functions. Actually this plugin uses exactly the same functions to make a snapshot.

There are few differences though:

  • This plugin will automatically resize the image (snapshot) on the fly in the memory so the image size is much smaller which means it takes less memory and loads much faster from local storage.
  • There's one cosmetic feature - you can add a border around the snapshot (see example video).


  • Canvas snapshot
  • Resize snapshot (the image, not just sprite)
  • Ability to add frame around the thumbnail
  • Ability to set resizing based on ratio (% of original image) or by fixed dimensions


It has exactly the same performance as C2 native snapshot feature as it's based on the same functions, which means it may cause a small lag while taking a snapshot if the game layout is big.

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