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Post » Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:05 am

I got a pro question:

based on this topic

i want the chain based on this file by rojo

to let the links destroy/create - sorted into a box on top; it should work just like a window roller shutter with chain links.

Just like an old grandma rolling the shutter up and down again, not trusting the sunlight without sunlotion

Anyway, the problem is rather the removing or adding of the first instance of the chain piece, but updating the new position of the remaining (or added) parts.

My current plan is to deactivate physics for the chain during 2 frames, to set the new position of the remaining links to the position of the "old one".

But I cant find an option to switch them off. Setting the physics properties to 0 and afterwards the new position makes the behavior spin around.

Many thanks for your ideas! xeed2013-10-23 10:57:04
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