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Post » Fri Nov 23, 2012 6:47 pm

Okay, so I'm trying to implement an option for my game that allows the player to toggle full screen by pressing F4. The way I'm doing this is by using a SysInfo object to get the size of the screen and store it to the display size. It works, but the problem is that it somehow makes my game laggy as hell. I haven't even gotten to resizing the screen yet; it lags from the larger display size alone. I'm also using a Canvas to draw things to the screen. I set every single object in the layout as invisible so that only the parts that overlap the canvas get displayed, so it's not like the game is trying to render more than it has to; everything outside of the canvas is completely invisible.

So I ask, what could be causing the lag, and how could I fix it? The game runs pretty much fine outside of full screen mode by the way.
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