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Character: Eirka — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!


This asset contains:

  • 2D optimized, sprites (PNGs only) for Erika (holding bow and arrows) with different animations (see the Demo)
  • Ready Construct 2 (C2) template for all animations
  • Advanced C2 Event Sheet to control and use the sprites
  • A Zombie character (enemy) with four different animations (FREE),
  • A nice scene to put you on Erika mode and
  • A documentation to guide you if you need to expand the project.

Animations for the main Character

  • Idle
  • Run
  • Jump
  • Fall
  • Draw/shoot an arrow (three different styles)
  • Slide (includes SlideStart, SlideEnd animations)
  • Hang
  • Swing (includes SwingHold, SwingStart, SwingEnd animations)
  • Climb (includes Climb up/dowm, ClimbEnd animations)
  • Swim (includes falling into pool, SwimStart, Swim, SwimToEdge, SwimEnd animations)
  • Bow Attack
  • HandPunch Attack
  • Kick Attack
  • FlipKick Attack
  • Get hit from front
  • Get hit from back
  • Die (5 different animations)


  • Key(X): To toggles attack
  • Key(C): To FlipKick Attack
  • Hold and Release (Space): To Draw/Shoot an Arrow
  • Key(Space): To Start Swing
  • Key(Right/Left): Right/Left
  • Key(Up): Jump/Double Jump

Animations for the Enemy

  • Walk
  • Get hit
  • Attack
  • Die


If you need support, have questions or want different animations or character please contact the support!

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