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I guess this is a "How do I"?, either that, or it's a bug in Construct 2 :( ...

I'm making a platform game (whehey!). I'm using my own controls to create the movement. For jumping I have two conditions, one is for checking to see if the player is grounded "Is on Floor", and another that checks if "Key is Down" - logical you may assume. Especially when you only want to jump and play a jumping sound effect once.


This method works perfectly for the "Solid" Behavior as a platform etc. But when I add a "Jump Through" Behavior this method does not appear to work. 98% of the time The player can't jump when on top of the platform. Oddly as you move around the "Jump Through" platform occasionally something is released and the character jumps again, until you move left or right, then it sticks once more.

What's happening, is there another method? Changing the keyboard condition to if "Key is Pressed" doesn't help either just in case anyone suggests it.

It seems so simple, am I missing something?

Cheers, Jay.
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Thanks for that help, a person of few words, but the suggestion works!

For anyone else, the use of "On Jump" is used to play the audio effect instead - not sure why my other method didn't work, but at least this fixes the issue.

Here's a screenshot:


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