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Post » Wed Aug 31, 2011 4:29 pm

I have a ridiculous issue that I've been trying to solve for 2 days now,
and I've gotten close to the source of the problem, but each time I've
gotten closer it's become more confusing and impossible.
(I seem to be extremely good at running into impossible issues in
programs, =_=; )

Anyhow, a question I would like to ask, and sorry but I'm unable to
upload the project file for you to take a look at the actual project,
but I hope you could help me with this problem.
Here's a screenshot of the code area though

For some reason, when I toggle off the actions
[Player: Set 'state' to "attacking"]
How on earth is this happening?

How can turning off an action below an event....stop the event working?

When it's enabled, the event does work (animation changes and plays).
I just don't understand it?

Is this a known bug/bug/or, what?
Please I hope someone can answer me, the time I'm having to spend on
this is absolutely killing me, I'd appreciate any help at all.
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Post » Wed Aug 31, 2011 5:35 pm

"For some reason, when I toggle off the actions
[Player: Set 'state' to "attacking"]
How on earth is this happening?"

Um might explain whats going on better.
All I could tell you now is that unless you have the animation paused, you dont need to resume, and setting the frame shouldn't matter either.
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Post » Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:45 am

When changing the animation, it causes it to pause for me,
and it also changes to the same frame it was originally.
So if it was at frame 5 of the idle animation, when setting
it to attack it would change it to the attack animation at frame 5,
and pause it.
So I have to set my animations to frame 1 and resume it for them
to switch the way I want them to.

I ended up finding a fix for this (there were scripts setting the
animation back to idle because the state variable wasn't changed
to attacking). But It didn't fix my original problem anyway so
(the one I was testing whether if not changing the state would
fix it) =_=; Darnit.

Thanks for taking your time to reply though, it's appreciated,
sorry about having wasted your time x.x;
Back to trying to find another way to fix this ridiculous issue D:
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Post » Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:19 am

Sounds like you have conflicting events or something.

And yes there is a bug where setting an animation will not begin the animation at frame 1, but instead the same frame as the previous animation (more likely with animations that have the same amount of frames). I fix that by adding a trigger once sub-event that sets the frame to 1 and resumes the animation, as you've done.

Since that fixes it..what's the problem? ^^;Tokinsom2011-09-01 02:20:36
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Post » Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:51 am

Well the actual main problem I'm having, is for some incomprehensible
reason, when I create a weapon during the player animation, it freezes/lags
before the conditions are met to create it (it's set to be created when
the player reaches frame 3 of an attack animation, however the lag/freeze
starts at frame 1 of the player animation),
and then the entire game seems to be sped up a ridiculous amount,
as it almost seems to skip to the end of the player/weapon animation,
an effect I have that's created at a frame of the weapon animation,
nearly disappears to fast to see it (so you know that it isn't skipping
frames, its' going through them all too fast), and if I hold left or
right during the half a second or so it seems to be too fast,
the player launches off the side of the screen because of the speed.

However, for some reason I've discovered that if I set off all the
destroy actions for the weapon so that it doesn't get removed,
the second time I attack the animation plays through at the correct speed.
I can't understand how the existence of the weapon causes it to function

I've verified that it's the weapon, because when I delete the weapon
from the project, the characters attack animation plays perfectly when
running the game.
Also when I set to buttons to just create the weapon, and destroy the
weapon (so that I know no other actions are being made/changed when
it is created), and when I create the weapon, then do the attack command,
it plays through the animation perfectly fine without any freeze/lag
or speeding. But when I press the button to destroy the weapons and
try to use the attack command again, it does that lag/freeze>speed action.

I can't understand how on earth the simple existence of the weapon is
affecting this and it's absolutely killing me, and wasting SO much time.

I don't suppose you have any experience with this happening?

I've made a workaround, created a weapon above the layout on startup
and changed a private variable, so the destroy events will check
that variable and only destroy the new weapons that are created...
It's stupid to have to have such a workaround, but it works...however.
The hell?
I re-enable the effect creation event, that creates an effect object
at frame 3 of the weapon animation....and now the character is resulting
in the same manner, freeze/lag then speed through to the end frame,
before the character even switches to the attack animation??!
I should also note that, unlike the weapon, with the effect object,
if I don't destroy that, the freeze/lag/speed still happens.sparkfeather2011-09-01 06:39:09
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