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Chiptune Mega Pack — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!


This asset pack contains 43 genuine chiptune music compositions for use in your projects.

They were composed on and recorded from a real Commodore 64 sound chip known as the SID Chip.

There are also 4 bonus tracks recorded from Commodore Amiga,Sega Megadrive/Genesis,Spectrum 48k and Spectrum+2 sound chips.

They are all therefore genuine 8 bit (or 16 bit in the case of Sega and Amiga) chiptunes for that unique retro experience.

All the music in this pack was composed by Rob Southworth using a large variety of both native and cross platform tools:-

For the Commodore 64 Sid Tunes - DMC Editor v4 (Native Tracker)

  • Cybertracker v1.2 (Native Tracker)
  • GoatTracker v2.73 (Cross Platform Tracker)

For Amiga Chiptune - Protracker v3.15 (Native Tracker)

For Megadrive/Genesis Chiptune - Deflemask v.11 (Cross Platform Tracker)

For Sinclair Spectrum 48k - Beepola v1.08.01 (Cross Platform Tracker)

For Sinclair Spectrum +2 - VortexTrackerII v 1.0 (Cross Platform Tracker)

All fantastic tools and highly reccomended if you want to create your own real chiptunes.

The music will fit a huge variety of creative projects fron videogames to Youtube videos and once purchased you are free to use them

in any way that best suits your projects.

There is over one and a half hours of real,nostalgic,retro uniqueness on offer in this massive bundle with enough variety to give your

project that special touch.

All the chiptunes in this pack can be listened to for free at my website where you wil also find support and information about the assets I create.

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