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Post » Fri Nov 27, 2015 2:44 am

Hey, guys! I just wanted to tell you about our first ever game, Chomper's Adventure! We have published it a couple of weeks ago, so yeah. Chomper's Adventure is a simple platformer game starring yours truly, Chomper Chomp, a skin-colored pair of teeth with frog eyes, springy arms, orange feet, and a toothy grin to put smiles on everyone's faces! It is a game with lots of comedic charm and fun! You can play Chomper's Adventure at the link below. You can also find our official website homepage at the second link below. Just paste them into your browser URL search. Have a nice day everyone!
Jordan Maki, TheGoMakBros Team

Play Chomper's Adventure:
Our official website homepage:

EDIT: Posted the new link.
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