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Cocoon Ads Extra — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

What you buy here?

  • Cocoon Ads Extra plugin for C2 & C3
  • Capx with implementation example

What is Cocoon Ads Extra?

It's an improved version of Cocoon Ads plugin which works both for C2 and C3. Please read the Features for more details.


  • Compatible with C2 and with C3,
  • Works with WebView, WebView+ and Canvas+ (please read "C3 Notes" section below for more details),
  • Allows code minification on export (that was not possible with Cocoon plugins till now)
  • Built-in Test mode as a plugin property (no need to set up AdMob for tests/development process),
  • Does not trigger JS error on PC preview like official plugin,
  • Banner and Interstitial Ads included

C3 Notes

As mentioned before this plugin works with C3 and also with C3 Canvas+. However you must keep in mind that C3 is still in beta and even though this beta is currently pretty solid it still may give some unexpected results.

Right now both banners and interstitials works flawlessly with WebView and WebView+. However C3 app with Canvas+ gives me endless screen flickering. I can clearly see the banner and Interstitial are loaded and triggered so I know it works but the entire screen flickers. I believe this will be fixed in the near future yet for now it doesn't work as expected.

So a quick wrap up:

  • C2 works with WebView(+) and Canvas+ flawlessly,
  • C3 works flawlessly with WebView(+) but Canvas+ gives flickering for now

Rewarded Videos Ads

I got already asked what about the rewarded video ads. I have already made Cocoon Rewarded Video Ads plugin some months ago (Rewarded Video AdMob for Cocoon). It's just for C2 so far but I should update it soon to be compatible with C3 as well.


I'm a full time programmer, in case of encountering any issues, please send me an email, I'll fix it ASAP.

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