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Post » Fri Dec 21, 2012 11:42 pm

Alright so the core of one of my games is coming to the finish point :D
So I thought I would test it out on Cocoonjs before some serious polish. On IOS 5 ipod touch, Woot fantastic. smooth 55+ fps often at 60fps. Compared to the 15fps in the browser.

The problem seems to be on Android cocoonjs launcher where the game runs at 0 to 10fps, often has hiccups and at certain points is 0fps. When the game play runs it's usually about 5 to 15. Which is comparable to the android browsers.

Now it could be cocoonjs, but more than likely i'm doing something wrong and it's causing a problem. Is there anything I could be doing that would cause a major speed problems? This is in light of course that one of the cocoonjs demo on physics runs really really nice.

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