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Post » Tue May 21, 2013 10:52 pm

Seen alot of wonders about how to do a decent experience system for your game, i searched around but found nothing similar to what i was looking for, so i lurked around the event sheet editor and after a while i got myself a preatty decent experience system.

Simple, create 4 global variables.

  • ExpToLvl
  • LvlMod
  • Level
  • Exp

Change the value of each variable to what fits you. My looks like:

  • ExpToLevel=541
  • LvLMod=5
  • Lvl=1
  • Experience=0
by default.

Create a event, system>variable and put "exp" equal to or greater than "ExptoLevel*LvLMod"

Quick: Makes the event know if the variable exp is greater than or equal to exptolevel*lvlmod then process sub-events.

Create sub-events for the above event:

  1. Add to variable "level" = 1
  2. Add to variable "lvlmod" = 5

Now just create a text , add an event that changes it every tick and add subevent to set the text to "Experience:"&exp&"/"%Exptolevel

Hope this helped some users, know its abit messy but im am going to sleep now, will upload pictures etc tomorow and explain better.

Happy Making!

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