Collision accuracy issue (physics)

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That's something I tried to get rid of, for a long time... Precisely, since I've decided to make a game involving physics.

If some of you could have a quick look at this test demo, they will notice that sometimes, the balls are moving THROUGH the enemies, like if the collision was ignored. (made with r80)

I know, the collision problem occurs pretty rarely but as you can see, it occurs *asometimes*... and even if it's rare, I cannot let it unfixed, it can ruin some gameplay situations.

Is this a known issue? (collision lacking of accuracy when physics are involved -and in scripted movement?-) For a game like mine, this is a pretty frustrating (almost discouraging) issue that I don't know how to fix by myself. I seriously don't know where the problem can come from. It should work...

Two words and one emoticon: please help


PS: note that the ball and the enemies are not animated (the animated objets follow the physical objets). Ragtime2012-03-19 12:41:01
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Post » Mon Mar 19, 2012 3:43 pm

Have you read the Physics basics tutorial, specifically the section on manual movement & other behaviors? Using events or other behaviors to move or rotate physics objects causes them to "teleport" in the Physics simulation, and often this results in glitches or Construct 2 struggling to synchronise your manual changes with the physics simulation. To guarantee a stable simulation you must never alter a Physics object other than applying forces, impulses or torque. This is not a bug, it's impossible to make physics simulations work smoothly when events are constantly altering the physics objects.
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