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Post » Fri Jun 20, 2008 8:43 pm

Just Run this cap, and explore the buttons, and move the thingy.

The thingy stops moving when it detects overlapping or collision between the red thingy and the green walls.

You will see very clear what a detection by Point, bounding, and pixel means,
and what happens when the objects that overlap/collide have different detection methods.
The points, the boxes, or curve point to where the collisions happen.

You will also notice the limitations of the overlapping/collision system
if you use the same object
as player object (a sprite moved by the player)
and to detect where this same object has to stop (at its boundary's, like a maze, walls etc .....)

One of my next post will be about "sensors".

In the "sensor" approach we will use one visible object that we move around, and several other objects (invisible sensors) to sense its movement boundary's.

Plz play with this a few, and try to understand what happens.
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