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Post » Tue Apr 30, 2013 4:06 am

Hi, i have been in trouble with collisions and the pathfinding behavior. I have tried to set an object to move along a path defined by some pieces, like those pipe games: So, the problem: Using squares with a way through them i cant define the 2 walls formed as a solid and the clean way beetween those 2 "walls" as not. Here comes an example: . So, i have tried to use the collision polygon but i can't duplicate it to make these 2 "walls" as a collision, then the pathfinder identify the whole object as a solid. However, what i want: I want the pathfind object to move between the "walls" formed by squares, independent from which piece i put in the grid map (if it is a straight horizontal line, straight vertical line, 90 line...). I hope you guys did understand. Thanks.
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