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Question 1: When I add a sprite, the "collisions" property is set to "enabled" by default. Should I disable it for object that will never need collision detection? For example, text that appears on the screen will never need to check for a collision. Will this save memory or should I simple not worry about it.

Question 2: Also, when I was in University toke a course on game making. They said that the more collision points that an object has, the more processing power is required by the cpu. The book was old (like 5 years old) and so maybe this doesn't matter anymore? Or, should I try to minimize the points of my collision polygons?

Question 3: What about for mobile platforms?

Thank you very much.

Note: I have already read the portion of the manual dealing with memory usage and best practices. I am just a bit of a perfectionist.
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Post » Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:59 pm

1. You should try and disable the collision that are not needed as this does save memory and helps process the game more.

2.The more collision points the more processing more is required. For example open up a sprite and add 9 points, it will then come up with a warning saying that it will make your game slower.

3. construct is very poor on mobile performance. To try and get the best result try not to add loads of objects into one layout and also don't add the physics behavior onto too many sprites as this causes a massive fps drop on mobile platforms.
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Post » Fri Nov 01, 2013 6:31 pm

1. If you don't check for collisions with an event or behavior, changing the setting has no effect.

2. That's true! Try to keep under 8 collision points.

3. Construct 2 games actually perform great on mobile devices, providing they have a decent browser. iOS 6+ and Chrome/Firefox for Android should run well. It is best to avoid using too many objects with the physics behavior on mobile for the time being though.Ashley2013-11-01 18:32:18
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