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Post » Wed Oct 29, 2014 4:44 pm

Hi at all,
I want to give away some free licenses of my store items at the scirra store. To making it exciting there will be a little competition.

I've setup a digital store providing free stuff for game developing (free graphics, free C2 examples etc.). The store also gives you the opportunity to upload your free resources as well.

So just register an free account here and upload your free stuff (you can upload whatever matches the category and is relevant for game developing with C2, like graphics, E-Books, C2 examples, Addons.

Register & Upload: http://goo.gl/S3JY88

Note: Please register with the same name you are using here at the scirra page. This makes it easier to identify you.

To see an example you can check @cranberrygames Store page on shatter-box.

Cranberrygames Addons: http://goo.gl/FTMLGv

The 5 authors with the most downloaded file (the download of one file counts, not the sum of all your downloads) can choose one free store item. You will get a free redeem code for one item of your chose, no matter what. The competition starts with this post and ends on 18-11-2014 (00:00).

Available items: http://goo.gl/eADhLD


Don't hesitate to ask!
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