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Hi Just wanted to say Hello to the community and thanks to Scirra. I have been fiddling with Construct2 for a couple weeks at most and am very impressed at it's capabilities. I have used Clickteam's and Mark Overmars products and like them as well but was looking for something more like what Contstruct2 has to Offer. I feel it needs somethings but will not mention those at this time in case they are there as I am learning this software. I was working on (for practice only) a replication of Atari's old Adventure Game as I was coding (so to speak) I was thinking I need to be able to know what the view settings are as my character moves. I was beginning to add this much like a score display and then you updated with the Debugger and now I don't need to make it.

Thank you again I will probably upgrade in the soon future for now I want to learn with the limitations. I feel it is important to learn how to code events economically. Rather than think Hey I have unlimited events and begin to code a fat game.

Thank you Again
John P
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