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Construct 0.98 released

PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2008 5:34 pm
by David
[size=200:1mwzuqfi]Download 0.98 now![/size:1mwzuqfi]


Merry Christmas! Here's 0.98, a milestone in stability and maturity. With it comes a ridiculous number of fixes and changes, and the addition of three new highly useful behaviors, notably the Bone movement behavior, allowing bone-animated games. An example of this is in the upload forum.

Don't forget you can support Construct's development (and maybe prevent the coders from the horrors of starving/becoming homeless/not having any beer money) by donating via the main page.

Here's the full log of changes.

- [ADD] New Grid Movement behavior, faciliates tile based RPG movements with ease
- [ADD] New Bone Movement behavior (beta), allows you to use multiple objects as parts of a character or object, and handles positioning and animating of them
- [ADD] New Sine Movement behavior, making an object sway back and forth, or hover up and down, or grow and shrink has never been easier!
- [ADD] Ball movement: Compare speed
- [ADD] Physics: apply spring force
- [ADD] New platform attribute; Platform behavior now can jump through these platforms (note this attribute won't appear in old .cap files unless you manually add it; it's in newly made ones, though)
- [ADD] Moving platform support to Platform behavior; if an object beneath the behavior moves, the sprite will move too
- [FIX] Platform movement: conditions (like Is Falling) now work with different gravity directions
- [FIX] Fade: 'Start' action can be used to run fade again once finished
- [FIX] Car movement: pressing both left & right doesn't cause spin
- [CHANGE] RTS movement: navigation algorithm tweaked to be more reliable. Less likely units will drive in to obstacles or drive over other units they're meant to avoid. Also units are now able to pathfind around units which are stopped.
- [CHANGE] New behavior icons (thanks Soldjahboy!)

Event sheet editor
- [ADD] Footer to event groups
- [ADD] 'New subevent' hover buttons when selecting an event
- [FIX] The 'add event' buttons now work correctly and insert the event to the correct position always
- [FIX] Problem with combo box parameters becoming 'error type 9'.
- [FIX] Toggled sub-events would sometimes run
- [FIX] Inserting comments within groups and sub-events
- [CHANGE] Object parameters now use a popup dialog and button instead of inline lists
- [CHANGE] Actions/conditions/expressions are now sorted
- [CHANGE] Event Wizard is a little larger by default

- [ADD] New 'tag' property when animations are clicked. This allows animations to be tagged as common ones such as 'walking' or 'jumping'; behaviors will now take advantage of these and change animations for you where possible.
- [ADD] Cut to Animator Bar
- [ADD] If a binary resource is not found, you can now 'relink' the file instead of continuous errors when exporting
- [FIX] Reordering layouts is now correct
- [FIX] Crash when adding 3 of the same behavior to an object (infinite loop due to name lookup failing)
- [FIX] Crash saving .cap files sometimes with invalid images
- [FIX] Crash caused by case sensitivity of family private variables
- [FIX] Cancelling 'add new angle' would crash
- [FIX] Non-layout objects would get deleted sometimes when deleting layers
- [FIX] Object bar now updated when layers are deleted
- [FIX] The add layer buttons now add layers to the correct place
- [FIX] Crash & memory leaks closing several applications; now more VRAM conservative with closing layout editors
- [FIX] Running a fullscreen preview sometimes set the layout editor back to point sampling
- [FIX] Error loading the first binary resource is hopefully resolves
- [CHANGE] Application controls: new 'Disabled' option, eg. set 'Move up' to disabled. (If you have been trying to use a blank space for disabling, you have to change the control then change it back to disabled for it to work in existing .caps - the blank space wasn't originally intended for disabling)
- [CHANGE] Redesigned the Add Behavior dialog; bigger, 32x32 icons and more information

Picture editor
- [FIX] Ctrl-A now selects the image, not the layout editor
- [FIX] Scrollbars now display in the correct place
- [CHANGE] Colour selector now reverts to your last tool after a colour is picked

- [ADD] Add new 'write text' to Text object to easily do scrolling text
- [ADD] 'Visible on startup' option to Text object
- [ADD] Enable/disable to Button and Edit objects
- [ADD] Mouse & Keyboard: 'On key released' condition
- [ADD] Offsetting, scaling and angles to Tiled Background (where textures are power of two sized)
- [FIX] Mouse & Keyboard: issues with focus (now focusing a control won't stop input; focusing another window will stop input)
- [FIX] Box object: Box('variable') syntax not working
- [FIX] Box object: opacity now returns 0-100 value like Sprite
- [FIX] List box: save to file not working
- [FIX] Function object: inline functions running always
- [FIX] Dubious memory use that could crash plugins (should fix XAudio2)
- [FIX] Particles object: no longer clips off edges when an effect used
- [FIX] Common dialog: conditions to do with folder selector didn't work

- [FIX] False positives/possible crash in collision detection engine
- [FIX] Crash in 'For each ordered' with a family with movements
- [FIX] 'For each ordered' not picking the right objects with families
- [FIX] Instability in some events involving both containers and family behviors
- [FIX] Motion blur
- [FIX] Issues with scroll boundaries when zoomed out
- [FIX] Crash could occur calling an expression with no existing instances
- [FIX] Crash using save/load with containers
- [FIX] Crash saving on the same tick an object is created

System Object
- [ADD] Expression 'anglediff': get the angle difference between two angles, such that anglediff(90, 180) is 90 but anglediff(315, 45) is also 90
- [ADD] Expression 'rotateangle': rotate angle towards angle
- [ADD] Expression 'cosp': cosine interpolation
- [ADD] Condition 'angle is clockwise of...': compare if an angle is nearest clockwise or anticlockwise to another angle.
- [ADD] 'On load' system condition. Triggers when quickload or load from file has finished loading (can be used to display text eg. 'Loaded!').
- [FIX] Round() now works with negative numbers
- [FIX] GetRed(), GetGreen(), GetBlue(), RGB() accept non integer parameters

Re: Construct 0.98 released

PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2008 5:35 pm
by Rich
Massive changelog is massive.

Re: Construct 0.98 released

PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2008 5:42 pm
by Ashley
Man, it's finally done!

[size=50:2jzyrgse]Who bets there's a lastminute showstopper bug? Argh![/size:2jzyrgse]

Re: Construct 0.98 released

PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2008 5:48 pm
by Maxum
Hey this is great gift on my birthday :D

Thanks agian for all your hard work on Constuct.

Have a Very Merry Christmas :D

Re: Construct 0.98 released

PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2008 5:49 pm
by linkman2004
Whoo! Sounds awesome. :) Downloading right now.

Thanks for all of this, developers. :) Merry Christmas!

Re: Construct 0.98 released

PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2008 5:49 pm
by AsparagusTrevor
Whoa cool! I refresh the New Posts list and there this is! First build I've noticed where I'm home and not at work, so I can try it out right away. Groovy!

[quote="linkman2004":3jt4oldm]Whoo! Sounds awesome. :) Downloading right now.
Thanks for all of this, developers. :) Merry Christmas![/quote:3jt4oldm]Jesus, is that you?

Re: Construct 0.98 released

PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2008 5:59 pm
by alee

Re: Construct 0.98 released

PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2008 5:59 pm
by cheatking
Woot! Ne version!

Re: Construct 0.98 released

PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2008 6:04 pm
by midnight
[quote="Rich":3byk886p]Massive changelog is massive.[/quote:3byk886p]
I'll say lolol

Thanks so much guys for all your hard work, this is a HUGE update, and the platform additions and bone animation is too cool. Merry Christ mas to everyone! :mrgreen:

Re: Construct 0.98 released

PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2008 6:08 pm
by AsparagusTrevor
I've just had a play with the bone movement and it's truly amazing and easy to use, great work guys, it could easily be something out of a high end professional piece of software.