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Post » Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:10 pm

[size=200:31iq3x9o]Download 0.98.6 now![/size:31iq3x9o]

Construct 0.98.6 has been released, with the usual batch of bug fixes, changes and additions. There's some cool stuff in this build. Don't forget you can support the project either by contributing to the Wiki or making a donation via the front page.

Full changelog:

Picture editor
- [ADD] New style for setting hotspots and action points: rather than moving the point you move the image. Makes editing the hotspot across several images a LOT easier (thanks Shviller!)
- [ADD] Arrow keys now move hotspot and action points one pixel at a time for fine precision
- [CHANGE] Opacity has been removed from the colour mixer and put in the tool settings, named as 'Flow'.
- [CHANGE] With the rectangle and ellipse tool, the tool settings alpha1 and alpha2 let you control the opacity of each colour allowing you to create a gradient from transparent to solid etc

Event sheet editor
- [ADD] Added categories to object types. You can set a category in the object properties. Later we will have tabs at the bottom which you can click like in the insert object dialog, and perhaps the ability to right click an object and change its category there and then in the event wizard. Currently only the first screen of the event wizard uses the category system.
- [ADD] New 'expand all' and 'collapse all' to groups right click popup
- [FIX] Crash changing objects via double clicking icons
- [FIX] Mouse wheel scrolling lag when openning an event sheet from project bar
- [FIX] 'Invalid argument' errors that sometimes come up when you click the scrollbar in event sheet editor
- [FIX] Intellisense is now case insensitive, also updated intellisense to recognise the newest system expressions
- [FIX] Adding a new private variable or global variable within the event wizard caused it to default back to the first variable when OK is clicked

Event Wizard
- [ADD] If you double click in the object panel for the quick expressions, but miss the objects, you get the first step in the ExpressionWizard
- [ADD] Object panel now includes families
- [ADD] Intellisense now includes families
- [ADD] System object: 'Is layer visible' condition
- [FIX] Scrolling parameters no longer leaves artifacts etc
- [FIX] Event wizard looks correct under different themes
- [FIX] Object button parameter now remembers last family or attribute, and if you click the button it automatically highlights them. Also, attributes no longer have icons (it was stealing icons from objects)

- [ADD] Application properties (under Advanced): new Minimum FPS property. When TimeDelta'd applications get very slow (ie. 5fps) things can jump a long way per frame causing problems. With a minimum FPS set, when the framerate falls below that value, TimeDelta keeps returning values as if the framerate were still the minimum FPS. This means your game basically slows down at very low framerates, so objects don't jump a long way every frame.
- [FIX] Object selector is now properly resizable
- [FIX] When adding objects in the Family Manager, the object selector does not show families/traits
- [FIX] A crash when you clicked preview and you happened to have some conditions to a behavior you had deleted
- [CHANGE] Adding containers/objects now uses the new object selector dialog
- [CHANGE] 'UID' and 'OID' removed from Common properties. These turned out to be internal IDE handles and they don't relate at all to the runtime values, so they were useless

- [FIX] Can now longer set the frame speed of a frame to 0 (which caused an infinite loop)
- [FIX] Pingpong now handles the 'repeat' thing. However, this may be changed later
- [CHANGE] You can now use decimal values for animation speed for more precise control

- [ADD] Canvas: 'Grab Layout' option expanded from off/on to off/after drawing/before drawing. 'After drawing' was the old 'On' option, grabbing the layout after the canvas has already drawn itself. It allows for frame-feedback shaders when the opacity is not 100%. 'Before drawing' grabs the layout before the canvas has drawn itself. This allows you to apply an effect to the entire display drawn so far (ie. multiple layers). This allows for lots of new shader possibilities, such as using Greyscale to make the entire display monochrome, even when using lots of layers, which was previously difficult to achieve.
- [ADD] Minimap: opacity actions/conditions/expressions
- [ADD] File: For Each Directory/For Each File conditions
- [ADD] Private variables to Tiled Background
- [ADD] Sprite: Pick closest/farthest conditions
- [FIX] Tiled background: crash when lost device and had texture loaded from file
- [FIX] File object: does not crash if you use 'Load file to string' and the file doesn't exist
- [FIX] Sprite: Play animation now resets the repeat count so if you animation repeats 5 times it will repeat 5 times
- [FIX] Sprite: a random crash in animations which could occur if an animation finished and stopped playing and then u used set animation frame and resume
- [FIX] Sprite: Animations are now saved correctly using the quickload/save actions
- [FIX] Object pairing bug in the following objects: RTS, Turret, Balloon, Box, Canvas, ParticleSpray, Sprite
- [FIX] The condition 'Evaluate' was evaulating things incorrectly
- [CHANGE] Sprite: A new sprite defaults its size to 128x128 instead of 120x120
- [CHANGE] Better layout editor representations of button, listbox

- [FIX] Platform: Made more changes to how platforms are handled. You should now be able to run up a slope and go through a platform. Hopefully its now all 100% perfect!
- [FIX] Platform: The "Allow down button" option now saves properly
- [CHANGE] Platform: To jump down through a platform you now have to hold down the down button and hit jump
- [CHANGE] Platform: Reversing direction has acceleration and deceleration added.

- [FIX] Debugger: still listed instances from a container if you destroyed a container, and crashed if you clicked one of these nonexistant entries.
- [FIX] Switching to windowed mode with caption disabled doesn't bring the caption back
- [CHANGE] VRAM expression: can now be used as: VRAM("usage") (show total VRAM allocated), VRAM("textures") (show texture VRAM usage), VRAM("targets") (show engine/render targets VRAM allocated). Without a parameter shows total VRAM. All values are approximate.
- [OPT] Optimisations for large games with many objects.
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Post » Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:24 pm

Big update :shock:
Installed, and ready to test :D
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Post » Sat Jan 24, 2009 12:40 am

Wow, another quick update with a lot of new and fixed stuff. How the hell do you guys get the time?!?
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Post » Sat Jan 24, 2009 1:06 am

[quote:dg5o888d]- [FIX] Adding a new private variable or global variable within the event wizard caused it to default back to the first variable when OK is clicked[/quote:dg5o888d]
This was very annoying, thanks for fixing it! I reported another annoyance: ... id=1003219

I also think that the search function in insert object dialog could be simpler, more like in insert event wizard.

But... wow. The changelog looks so long, it's great how fast you actually work! Thanks :D
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Post » Sat Jan 24, 2009 1:12 am

Somethings changed with families.
I had start of layout event family a place behind family b... no longer works.
Tried placing the action under always... same result.

Also in the pic editor, wheres the "flow" tool?
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Post » Sat Jan 24, 2009 2:04 am

Sweet looking update... downloading now :D

Thanks, Team Scirra!
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Post » Sat Jan 24, 2009 2:08 am

Nice update. :) Good batch of bug fixes, and it's interesting to see how much VRAM my game is using. I did discover a couple of bugs, though, which are [url=]here[/url:11ug56qp], and [url=]here[/url:11ug56qp].
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Post » Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:55 am

SWEEEEET. Finally, the reverse direction doesn't slide! Though, I did find a rather annoying bug that crashes Construct when two event sheets are opened...
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Post » Sat Jan 24, 2009 6:58 am

- [FIX] Crash changing objects via double clicking icons

Hey, sweet! I just posted that to the tracker earlier in the day!

- [FIX] 'Invalid argument' errors that sometimes come up when you click the scrollbar in event sheet editor

Nice! I've been looking forward to this one.

So many other nice bug fixes / additions ... too many to mention.
Good work as usual.

Edit: Oh, oh feature request: you can change height/width, opacity and filter of several objects at once by selecting them all and changing it under "common" in the properties panel. Could we use this method to assign a certain category to several sprites at once?
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Post » Sat Jan 24, 2009 8:35 am

[quote="newt":o6yffqzg]Also in the pic editor, wheres the "flow" tool?[/quote:o6yffqzg]
Select a brush, line or even eraser, the flow is there, which sets the transparency. Eraser is awesome with Flow! Makes stuff semi-transparent :D Rectangle, circle and stuff have Alpha1 and Alpha2 stuff.
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