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Post » Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:03 pm

In case you were wondering, we are not going to change this.
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Post » Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:22 pm

Construct already is the best bang for your buck. Other engines will cost you for upgrades, that are not plenty and useful as C2 updates are, or they will charge you by year. They charge small fortunes for exporters. C2 also has an awesome community and I believe that now, with the new Store we`ll have a lot of new tools to work with. And even the free version allow you to do a lot.
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Post » Sat Sep 13, 2014 12:06 am

Using Construct is a CHOICE. You have a choice to use the free version (with its limitations) or purchase the full version, which is very affordable - there are no update fees either! If the license is too costly for you, or you do not wish to pay a dime, then there are many alternative options out there.

Most javascript based game frameworks are free to download and use. Learning to code games in JS is not that hard - just takes some time and practice. Even building your own games in pure javascript is fun to learn:

Aside from learning to code, there are many free game engines, creators, and frameworks out there:
Unity has a free version.
A list of JS frameworks for games (Construct is included ;-) )

Just a couple of examples! So, in the end it's a choice you make - it's not as if Construct has a monopoly on game creating. A Unity Pro license is too expensive for me - so I use other 3d game creation tools, both free and/or less expensive.

And compared to the software, the hardware to run Construct on is (much) more expensive. So I can't see how the "I do not have enough money to buy the full version of construct" holds true. You need a reasonable rig to run Construct on in my experience.

In the end you make your choice to save money for a license, or not. Save up by not drinking that can of soda pop each day for a couple of months, and drink water instead - presto, you lead a much healthier life style, and gain a Construct license in the process as a gift to yourself!
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