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Post » Sun Aug 10, 2014 2:44 pm

The game reached the TOP 10 NEW FREE GAMES Chart in Adventure category in India. It was at #9. In Top Free Games, it took over Family Guy game. The game is polished, has an awesome money making infrastructure buit into it.

> Google Play Game Services: Leaderboard, Achievements

> In App Purchases

> Full screen ads, video ads

> Parallax Scrolling

> Virtual Currency System (Like in Subway Surfer) people buy more from virtual currency than directly.

> In game boosts that can be purchased using the virtual currencies

Months and months of hard work has gone into this game. Hundreds of dollars has been spent. Considering this, the cost of source code is very very cheap.

Buy at Chupa Mobile: ... harts-5054

Google Play:

PM for special deal.

Note: If you want to 'acquire' the game with users, graphics and hence eliminate marketing efforts. PM me. The game already has a high SEO, visibility and ratings on Google Play Store. Acquiring the game will allow you to take the ownership of the game from me. I will also transfer the ownership of the game's Facebook page which contains hundreds of fans. This investment will pay off in future too as when you develop new apps you can cross promote your old users to the new one.
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