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Post » Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:37 am

Thank you everyone for your feedback.
I am hoping that soon, someone will be able to showcase their interactive book app and therefore set a benchmark for future projects of a similar nature. I might need a developer partner until i can master C2. Been looking at Stencyl too, bit it also hasn't got anything to showcase either other than 2D games. C2 definitely seems the easier user-friendly option and being HTML5, it's definitely the future as devices become more powerful and memory isn't such an issue.
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Post » Sun Sep 29, 2013 12:30 pm

This should be really easy in Construct 2. What is making you say it's impossible?

Just make a layout per page, and put a new Sprite object on each layout with that page's image. Done!

I don't know why people are talking about tiled backgrounds - there's no particular technical difference, other than that in some cases they can display with reduced quality in WebGL mode if they are not a power of two size, which is a pretty good reason to use Sprites instead.

Providing you use separate Sprite objects, and not animation frames all in a single object, Construct 2 will manage the memory of each page's image for you. In WebGL mode, changing page will deallocate the previous page's image then allocate the next page, keeping memory use down. In canvas2d the browser should at least do something vaguely reasonable, such as start deallocating old images when memory use is getting high. CocoonJS is currently unsuitable for this though since it has no memory management, and I keep trying to get them to support it, but they're not answering my emails right now.

So, have you tried this? It should work fine in a browser.
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Post » Sun Sep 29, 2013 12:44 pm

This example from Ize HERE shows what is possible. It even has a good page turn effect.
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Post » Mon Sep 30, 2013 12:48 am

I agree with many of the comments here. I think the issue you are experiencing is with image management and not with Construct 2.

To build off what Ashley said, if you want to animate something like a character blinking, you can animate only the eyes and pin them to an image of the character instead of animating the entire character blinking. 1 large image + 5 small images is significantly smaller in size than using 5 large images in an animation.

You can also use tiled background sprites of maybe 8x8 pixels for large areas of flat color and so on. Maybe learn more about the power of 2 images as well, because in some cases, chopping up a large image can save you a lot. For example, an image that is barely over 1024x1024 will use the size of an image that is 2048x2048. That's a lot of wasted space.

I think the more you learn about C2 and image management, the more you will realize that C2 is perfect for something as simple as an interactive book. Also, I don't think you'll find a more friendly and helpful community, should you run into some difficulties along the way.Sebastian2013-09-30 00:49:02
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