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Post » Wed Sep 25, 2013 4:04 pm

To be clear, I have the Personal license, not the free version.

I have a couple somewhat unrelated questions, but all deal with me trying to test Construct 2 on native mobile through CocoonJS.

First off, I understand that, to quickly and easily test Construct 2 games with CocoonJS, you need the CocoonJS Launcher app, which I got. When you open the app, you get an option for Demos or Your App. Since I'm testing, I want the latter. I'm then taken to a screen with a register button and a text field for a registration code.

Now, the problem is that I DID register online at the page that the Register button takes me to. However, I DID NOT receive any registration code by email. I got an email to confirm my registration and then another email thanking me for having registered, but I never got any "registration code." Where do I find it?

Secondly, I DID manage to compile the project using the CocoonJS cloud (though it was very slow) so I could test it on my mobile device. However, I immediately noticed that the game (an early prototype that only has controls implemented) doesn't seem to work for flicking motions.

To clarify, I implemented flicking by having the game compare the X and Y coordinates of the touch location when touch begins versus when touch ends. I allowed touch to be simulated by the mouse in Construct 2 and it works fine there; I can click or flick properly when testing in HTML5 or Flash on Windows, as well as when I compile a .exe For some reason, though, those flicking gestures don't translate correctly to mobile. Tapping still works, though. Any ideas why?

Here is the flick code, for reference:

The game checks flickX and flickY to see if there has been a gesture. If it detects a recently-ended touch and flickX and flickY are both 0, then it was just a tap. If Y was > 0 but X was 0, then it was a downward flick, etc.
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