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Post » Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:33 am

-Drag and drop between windows within Construct 2
I have two event windows open side by side a lot, I know copy and paste works but it feels like dragging and dropping events sideways between event sheets is something that's just missing.

-Sharing the same clipboard between multiple copies of Construct 2
I've found I can't copy and paste between separate copies of Construct 2 at all.
It would probably need to ask if the user would like to copy a required sprite or other resource along with it if this was to be of more general use.
Ideally, being able to drag an event from one screen and into the other would make it very intuitive and easy to use.
(Idk about other users but I try to keep a "code snippets" library of pieces I can (theoretically) drag in)
Blam2012-04-27 06:37:03
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