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Since I don't know if the bugs reporter is still up (and I cant be bothered checking). I'll post this here. After a significant portion of work, I cloned an object. However, the object original was replaced with the new object somehow. All the events relating to the original object were removed and a runtime error was then present due to empty event slots. Please fix this bug.

Also add in an auto backup as mentioned in someone else's topic. Each time the projects run or something. Ive re-done this game three times in the past 2 hours. Its getting really annoying.

And I'll chip in another request. While this may seem like a paradox, there needs to be a way to select an object based on its index (ID or something in construct) If I want to deactivate the glow effect of an object with multiple instances, the command turns them all off. There is no provision to select the index of the one I want. I Don't know how you'd implement it, a condition could be used I suspect. Maybe one exists that I haven't found, in that case please flag it to my attention.
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[quote="Jack":1xxglx0p]Since I don't know if the bugs reporter is still up (and I cant be bothered checking).[/quote:1xxglx0p]
..together with the Wiki, also the bug reporter would benefit of a button in the homepage..
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