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Post » Fri Jul 12, 2013 8:50 pm

@Jayjay - at least from what I experienced with loot pursuit, I have to disagree. To be honest, loot pursuit isn't even really a large game - it's just large in comparison to most construct projects, and CC was barely managing it. I had to close and reopen my project after opening/closing the image editor 10 times because of a memory leak to keep the IDE from crashing, I have an event I can't edit or move or it instantly crashes the editor, it took 10 minutes to open one specific event sheet, every edit on that event sheet would pause CC for 7 seconds before I could make another, pressing undo would lock up CC for half an hour, deleting an object did the same (I once deleted multiple objects at the same time and had to leave my computer processing it for hours), and the runtime sometimes crashes - imagine trying to find an event that crashes on an event sheet that pauses after each edit for 7 seconds when it takes 3-5 minuted to preview. It was sometimes literally faster to throw away the day's work and start over.

As I mentioned before, that's my experience, and the bugs that different people encounter vary. I just want to warn people thinking about trying to make a big game with CC that someone already tried it and it did not work well.Arima2013-07-12 20:52:04
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Post » Fri Jul 12, 2013 11:47 pm

@Arima, I loaded everything into my game from external files as I had wanted the game to be moddable, and found that once the "engine" of events was bug free, the game generally was too. Construct Classic is pretty unforgiving in terms of editing and making a large file (that's true), but if you make your game right, you can still do awesome stuff that the community should be proud of.

No matter which version of Construct, we are all supporting Scirra.

For people who can afford it or who want to make serious (and multi-platform) games, I'd 110% recommend they get Construct 2 like you do as well, especially because of the amazing features Scirra adds every few weeks and the multi-platform options of HTML5/WebGL.Jayjay2013-07-13 00:00:19
"Construct 4 lets YOU make advanced games! (but not play them)" Construct Classic - Examples Kit Dropbox is a pile of trash and if you need my old files PM me! :)
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Post » Sun Jul 14, 2013 2:05 pm

@Arima: I'm reading my comment again and actually it does not have any sense, because yes C2 is stronger than CC, I just lost the principal argument of CC: the gratuity.
You can do alot of things for free, unlike C2.

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Post » Sun Jul 13, 2014 10:45 pm

1 year bump, Well i still use CC because it is free and don't need to spend a dime on cc and has some features that don't exist from cc2
What I know from cc
For CC, I had a large project and now that I could just simply load pictures/levels from the file which saves a lot of space but uses more memory. Never make a lot of layouts in cc as it starts lagging the game engine especially the long terms of saving/runtime
I haven't touch cc2 but I heard you could just simply put all your things in the game engine. I don't use cc2 because of the high size for the exe and the lacks the full features of sprite editing as of cc and some plugins missing for cc like ini file as I know a lot of it. I never used xml files.
CC is buggy though but I tend to stay away from them such as form glitches and try to alternate methods to make a game. cc is still usable but needs workarounds of a game, it'll be just fine as it is.
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Post » Mon Jul 14, 2014 9:39 am

I have made custom level editors on both and even if there is no ini plugin on C2, JSON files are faster anyways so I don't miss that anymore. Recently I figured out how to use external audio files on C2 so that is no problem (very easy in the end).

Stuff I would like to have from CC to C2 at the moment are mainly image offset and maybe performance on some cases. Physics plugin on C2 actually gives more freedom than on CC. I never used SpriteDistorsion on CC so I don't really miss that.

Stuff that neither can do is to edit collision polygons and image points at runtime. For one of my highly moddable game idea that would be very nice feature.

In the end I have still quite pleased to C2, even when I was a bit hesitant to switch to that. Possibility for multiplayer games, multible export options (some issues may occur) and of cource the fact that it is still on development would still keep it as better option for me.
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Post » Mon Oct 20, 2014 5:57 pm

I pressed undo button a couple of times and Construct crashed and .cap got corrupted. Is there any way to retrieve .cap?
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Post » Mon Oct 20, 2014 8:02 pm

I made a python library called Capreader that allows you to open cap files. If you PM me the cap I can use it to salvage what I can. It all depends on what point got corrupted in the file.
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Post » Wed Nov 12, 2014 12:32 pm

I have just begun using CC r2.

My project is a physics platformer. I have to say, CCr2 is behaving extremely well for now. I was making it in C2, but I want my project to be a desktop app, and using those shady wrappers makes me itch.

Of course, I'm mostly prototyping for now, but most of what I want concerning physics is already implemented, so I'm quite sure I can make it in CCr2 without too much hassle.

Yes, the interface is a major step back and some things are just weird (the project folder view is hidden by default?), but that is what we get and we can change it if we mess with the source code.

All in all, CCr2 is still relevant despite what has been said about it being ancient, has all the tools we need to make a decent game (just the plugins in existence make it insanely powerful!). Of course, we need to make almost constant backups, but there's an option for that.

I wonder how many people are messing with CCr2's code at this point. I just might put my hands on it, though I know almost nothing of C++...
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Post » Wed Nov 12, 2014 12:45 pm

I would say that considering the last commit was nearly 3 years ago, this project, sadly ,is totally dead. Plus there are far too many issues to make it worthwhile trying to fix or tweak CC.

It is a great shame, as CC is what made me buy an early adopter license for C2 in the hope we would get something similar but less buggy. Unfortunately, the target is totally geared towards mobiles which I think are slowly killing gaming with their awful IAP and ad monetisation schemes.

Anyway, enough of the old man babbling :)
If your vision so exceeds your ability, then look to something closer.
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