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Post » Sun Nov 01, 2009 11:08 pm

The interesting thing is that I've never seen a tool that's better for gameplay prototyping than Construct - Usually, testing out gameplay and making sure the game balance works is a HUGE pain in the ass and takes up a lot of time. Construct is fucking awesome that way and it displays the game logic in really simple, easy to understand way. It's just the perfect tool for prototyping and balance and definitely the best tool I've seen to create 2d games.
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Post » Tue Jan 05, 2010 4:02 pm

Yes 100% outdoes anything I've come across. I can't help telling everyone I talk to about it and its amazing that the dev dont charge big bucks for it already.

Sometimes I cant get to sleep at night because I just lay in bed with thoughts of what I can do with construct. My nephew is only 8 and I got him to download a copy and I sort of explained the basics to him and in about a month he was making some games that are probably sellable.

He's not the brightest in his class but construct has really got him headed in a good direction. Also I used construct to quickly create a little app that satisfied a need my friend had at his job...something he couldnt find anywhere else.

He was constantly having to search through different folders for form-letters and stock-replies. He asked me if my construct program could do anything to help. I made a small app that gave him instant access to all his text files and with a click put the text he needed onto the took me part of a weekend to whip out a pretty smooth program and when I gave it to him on monday after talking about his need on friday night he couldnt believe that I made it...he kept saying "no really where did you download this from?"

It works so well that he keeps it open all the time. Construct really is amazing. The developers deserve some kind of an award !!!

(will send money if you tell me how to get the window to stay on top of all other windows and I turn this program is pretty useful.)

I just want to say thank you to the developers. AMAZING!
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