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Post » Mon Oct 05, 2015 7:49 am

Are there any special requirements to be considered for hosting of the Construct game with a "standard" web hosting provider? E.g. when I look at GoDaddy Economy plan, can this accommodate traffic with multiple users playing the same Construct game session simultaneously with good performance?? I am not an expert so what do I need to consider before committing to any such hosting? One of the chat supports said they limit the number of CPU processes to 25. How do I know how many I need? What if I then have multiple games? I looked through the Forums but don't see any "guide" on this topic. I intend to use html5 export only and not be on "mobile" at this stage.
Any help, links etc. would be much appreciated. :)
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Post » Mon Oct 05, 2015 11:21 am

If you are talking about a standard construct 2 game, not multiplayer, then you only have to account for downloads. (bandwidth usage)

Say, your game is 10mb once exported ...

and you are expecting 1000 players per day.

Then it would be safe to say you would require ~300 gigabytes bandwidth usage per month. (10 gigs per day, 30 days for a month.)

And thats just with 1000 players per day.....

I had a premium plan before on my hosting, till one of my games made some success, getting me half a million players in a month ... after a week my hosting put my site offline as I had apparently surpassed the allowed bandwidth usage near three times over.

Upping the plan and paying the bill directly got me online back in 3 hours though.

I now pay like 8 bucks monthly fee for unlimited bandwidth usage.
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