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Post » Thu Jul 31, 2014 8:51 am

Dear @Ashley,

I use construct now for more than one year and I really love it!
But there is one thing that negatively affects my work :(

I develop mobile apps and everybody knows about the problem with memory usage. I agree that mobile hardware is limited and we shouldn't use huge images in apps. But there are other applications, which use more than 400MB of images without any problems.

I understand when C2 needs to load all images in the beginning (which is perfectly fine, since i can replace huge images with 1px * 1px images and reload them later when needed).

But I beg you, please let me remove images from memory. I use CocoonJS and they even offer a function img.dispose(), which should unload the image from memory. But this doesn't work with C2 (I have no clue why).
If C2 offers resource control (like unloading/loading images), huge apps won't be a problem anymore.

@Ludei maybe you can contribute something to this discussion. I already contacted your support and posted in the forum, but didn't get any help yet.

Thank you for your attention!
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