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Post » Fri Feb 26, 2016 4:05 am

Is there a way to copy a family from one project to another?

Copying project files or XML data?
This is more a question that I suspect @Ashley or one of the other power users might be able to shed light on. Is there a way to copy a family from one project to another by fiddling with the internal project files or project XML data? (i.e. Assuming I save the project as a folder instead of a single file.)

Families are a really cool addition to ACE-style programming, and I would love to find a method for using them in a more portable way. :)

Why I'm interested
I'm looking to make modular prefab systems, like a menu system.
By prefab, I mean a self contained set of events and objects that can be copied from one project to another easily. That way, when I need menus, I can just copy the menu prefab events and objects into the new project.

I've been using this prefab workflow for a while already, and it works great for any prefabs that don't need to use families, but as soon as I need to have a family be part of a prefab, I encounter a problem. Everything seems portable between projects except families.

I know that you can technically exactly reconstruct all the families you wish to copy in the target project, but that starts getting fairly complicated and lengthy as the use of families becomes more complex. Families are a fantastic tool, so I would love to be able to move them between projects easily.

There are some other reasons I'm interested, but that is the big one.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions. :)
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