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If you're interested in more information about it, I posted an article about how the FPS of a Construct project is tied to the refresh rate on the C2 wiki:
Delta Time and Refresh Rate
Collisions and Framerate

I actually ended up figuring out how it worked on accident as a result of playing with the preview.js file a ways back.

Here's part of the article:
The underlying Construct 2 engine uses something called "requestAnimationFrame" (underlying v-sync related browser timing) to attempt to peg the game tick at approximately 60 times per second, however, it usually matches the display refresh rate of the browser/computer which is nearly always 60hz except in the case of some new 120hz monitors. This means that in most cases, dt ~= 0.0167 of a second (remember that dt is the elapsed time in seconds since the previous game tick). Obviously though, cpu intensive games and other things can cause the frame-rate to fluctuate.

Construct makes use of delta-time in order to be frame-rate independent. A frame-rate independent game tries to ensure that a game behaves in the same way regardless of the actual FPS. In some older games, the movement of sprites in the game was proportional to the frame rate. This meant that if you tried to play the game on a modern system today, the high frame rate would cause everything in the game world to move extremely fast making the game virtually unplayable.

In most cases, this means that delta-time returns the actual time in seconds from the last game tick. However, if the frame-rate dips below 10 fps, Construct will cap the returned value of DT at 0.1 seconds. When this happens, the game will physically appear to slow down. As outlined in the article on delta time, Construct synchronizes the logic and rendering loop through something called requestAnimationFrame which is used internally by the browser to peg the FPS to the refresh rate of the local monitor, typically 60hz so 60fps.
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Thanks for the links, will check them out.
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Post » Sat Mar 14, 2015 7:21 pm

I have a similar problem, and just to put it asside, my laptop has 60 hz refresh rate set...

The thing is, I developed a game and had solid 55-60 FPS and 16% CPU on Chorme and FF (lets call it "V1"), and then I decided to remake the whole thing, but whit smaller sprites (insted of 256x256 & 128x128 sprites I used 64x64 and 32x32, I also split the size of layout and window, just to optimize my game for mobile, "V2"). I added some extra events, but didn't change any project settings. When I debug the game "V2" I get 40-50 FPS and 35% CPU. I thought It must be becuse of extra events and couple of more sprites I added, but just to be sure I reopened the original version "V1" and I also got 40-50 FPS tops... What the hell could have happened?

It all happened in last month or so, I believe I had updated C2 to a newer version since, could it be a problem?
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