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Post » Sun Aug 24, 2014 8:10 am

I have a family of different tiles each tile represent group of alphabets for e.g.

Image1 A,B,C,D is one image with 4 different sprite frames

Image2 E,F,G,H is another image with 4 different sprite frames

i have put them in one Family and its name is AlphabetFamily

Now i want to create the object based of this AlphabetFamily but i also want to choose what image to be create and set its instance variable. When i create object it randomly selects sometime image1 or image2 when i use Create Object AlphabetFamily. But i just want to control this myself so i can create object with FAMILY name but point to the image i want to be refer. Right now i could not find any solution and due to it i have to create Object Image1 explicitly which is difficult since it has so many variables to be set...but this can be solved if there is any action like

Create AlphabetFamily object
AlphabetFamily must be image of Image1
AlphabetFamily.variable1 =2
AlphabetFamily.variable2 =3


is there is something that can help me like above ??
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