Creating world instance without specifying layer

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Post » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:03 pm

Problem Description

When I user the multiplayer plugin and I have at least two objects synceds that are in diferent layers, the game will crash after I try to change layouts.

Attach a Capx ... zZTQkFKNms

Description of Capx
Just a simple use of multiplayer plugin. There are two layouts:
Layout 1: To connect players to the game
Layout 2: Where the objects that are synced on layout will be generated.

Steps to Reproduce Bug
  • Open an instance of the game on a tab of the browser and connect as host;
  • Open an instance of the game on another tab of the browser and connect as peer;
  • Go to host tab and make sure to minimize peer tab.
  • Click "Go To Layout 2" button on the host tab.
  • Maximize peer tab, you should get the error "Creating world instance without specifying layer".

Observed Result
You get a error and game crash.

Expected Result
To the game to work just fine.

Affected Browsers
  • Chrome: (YES)
  • FireFox: (NOT TESTED)
  • Internet Explorer: (NOT TESTED)

Operating System and Service Pack
Windows 10 sp1

Construct 2 Version ID
Release 239 (64bit/Steam)


I found that if you create the exact same number of layers on both layouts, the game'll work just fine.
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