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[QUOTE=LittleStain] @Patriick

I've been trying to figure out how to respond to your post and although I'm still not quite sure what I'm going to write, here it is:

I guess I can understand what you mean. It feels weird and maybe even a bit like cheating when you're doing something you love, helping people with it and getting money for it as well.
But I don't see anything wrong with making money with your talent and the skills you've had to learn to use your talent. I live in today's world too, but a series of unfortunate events can sometimes lead to a different life (and a great couple of books :P). People have pushed and stimulated me to go on doing what I love most "Create" and although I myself had to get over the fact that I couldn't see it as "art" anymore was glad I still had my "creations".
Knowing that "normal" work would mean a lot of obligations I wouldn't be able to meet, I've decided to just offer my services for free. Less stress, more gratitude. Luckily my family supports me in this decision seeing how it makes me feel better. Without the support I get from home I wouldn't be able to do this.

Ok, guess that's about what I wanted to tell.
Don't know and honestly don't care if it makes any sense the way i wrote it, but that's were I stand today.


I've already recieved a lot of great response to this thread and a similar one on facebook where I offer graphic design for small bussinesses and NPO's for free, so If it takes me some time to contact and or help you, please be patient, thanks a lot! [/QUOTE]

This response was fine =]

It's always good having the support of your family, I think this is a great thing that you're doing...

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What you're doing is really great and generous, I've sent you a PM.Billygoat2013-06-10 19:49:56
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