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Post » Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:37 am

I'm tallking about Buttons, File-Choose, List, Progress Bar, Slider Bar and Text Box.
Right now I can change some simple CSS like background, color, font-family etc...
But I can't select by pseudo selector/class (the specific state of the item),
for example I want to set styles for Button when its :hover or :disabled

I think it would be nice to have option to heve in the dialog box option to add pseudo selector.

Because right now I see only two ways to overcome that limitation:
1. By Browser>Execute JavaScript and set styles manualy
2. By changing CSS on the fly, for example to simulate :disabled I have to chenge the CSS when I dissebling the button, but for simulating :hover I have to make sprite under the button to detect hovering and check for hovering and then to change the CSS of the iteme above... To messy.
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